Jun 27, 2011

New Blog Announcement: Out of Bounds

Today three of my friends and I are pleased to announce Out of Bounds, a brand new theology discussion blog.  We are all currently PhD students in Systematic Theology at the University of Aberdeen, though we have some different interests and emphases.  (And this summer will see us scattered to three countries.)  I commend the group blog (and its RSS feed) to you.  The inaugural post by Jon Coutts and the About page explain a bit about who we are and how we envision the new project.

As one chapter begins, another one closes.  Via Crucis has served as the blog of my student years, begun early on in my tenure at Wheaton College in 2002.  While I have another year of thesis writing ahead of me before my PhD is complete -- and, of course, those who love learning are always "students" -- I'm ready to close up shop on my student reflections and start to represent myself online a bit more professionally, a bit less in development and a bit more ready for the world.

To that end, I've also created a professional CV site, accessible at DarrenSumner.com.  That's where you will find my updated curriculum vitae and the occasional post about conferences I'm attending, things I'm publishing, etc.  Stuff about me and my attempts to break into the professional theology guild.

This blog will remain here as an archive of my student days.  For more fun theology conversation, please join Jon, Justin, Adam and me at Out of Bounds!